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  1. sorry you had to suffer like that then it seems as tho i cant feel
  2. oh my god that is one of the saddest things I have ever heard the same thing happened to me am am really sorry
  3. yeah i am already there tho i didn't think i would brake as hard as i did and there person that i was dating talked to every one else more then me and i was her bf, then she deside to tell some one else she loves him and whants to be with him behid my back after tell me those words and like thee next day she dates some one else entirely that is like a brother to me.
  4. thats and that first thing was pretty sad want to talk about it? I hate it when people get hurt unconditionly it makes me want to go emo again
  5. ah i dunno close to ayear off and on i kind of stopped going on as much when some one tore my heart out and handed it to me. as for anime i got maney i like so i'll name some : bleach,naruto,tri-gun,fruits basket,hellsing,cowboy bebop,chobits,wolfs rain,death note,dn angel,demons diary,air gear there is so much more lol
  6. cool how long have you been on this site? and what is your fav anime?
  7. sure go head add and talk to me^_^ it'd be so cool
  8. hi i just signed up to the site can i mark you as a friend?
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