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  1. i know you'll pass^_^ your so smart and you know i missed you i have not seen you in awhile^_^ hows you and your brother doing?
  2. hi , how are you did you missed me ... i have English exam on Saturday so dad allowed to me to sit on AO .... i missed you .... =^_^=
  3. o well you take care too^_^ i hope to see you around
  4. take care of yourself .... so see you latter ok :P..... =^_^=
  5. me i ate lunch silly^_^ and i am back now :P sorry to keep you waiting
  6. where did you go ... ^_^ ,.. maybe you are taking another shower >_<
  7. smile :P how are you doing? is everything ok^_^ i am alive its a pluss lol
  8. rofl hahaha i am not old just not young lol i am 21
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mark ... Happy birthday to you >_< you are getting old ... so cute =^_^=
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