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  1. *hugs you back tightly* yes it has so much has changed o i am strong i take several different styles of karate and what not and well pm me
  2. =DDDD HEYY! whats up =] its been so fricken long! -hugs- i missed you!
  3. woah its a double ghost your both on yet no one has talked to me in ages have i done something wrong?
  4. hey... are u mad at me? u havent messaged me in a while...
  5. well i know better now than to think that you forgot about me btw i sent u a pm
  6. now you should have known i never forget about anyone so dont ever think i would
  7. *huggles***** im so sorry i just never saw u online so i kinda thought you forgot about me.... i couldnt really get to ur page to send u messages either cuz my comutar is stupid.
  8. where have you been? its been forever i told you i loved you and headed out cause i was sick and you have not talked to me sence
  9. yea now that i think about it it has been a while... i misses u...... lol ^_^
  10. ??????? hi how are you its been along long,long time huh>?
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