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  1. Hey Mark wanted to say hi and hope that u are having an awsome day u are like freakin awsome mark i can talk to u when i am upset and when things are not going the way like their supposed 2 and i have a situation like that it is about my aunt so just message me when u read this please Love ya bye
  2. Hey Mark just wanted to tell u that me and lisa made up sorry for going to you before me and lisa talked we both apologized and noted that we both did things that were not right and decided next time one of us has a problem we would handle this like civilized adults and i wanted to apologize for putting u and all of our other friends and people i do not even know but lisa does in the middle of this our problem and we should have worked it out Sorry again hope u can forgive me and soccergoddess
  3. Mark Lisa or Marsha is lieing i found out what she wrote to you i am smarter than she thinks 2{DO YOU ? you was not suppose to tell jessica that it true but jessica pist i told you that and told my to lie and fix it ... i know what i told you
    but be nice to her because her and chuck are pist at me because i told you . i thought i tell you that and you would tell every one bout it. i know just forget what i told you because i though it was just me and you talk . i knew it would happen .. i am okay i just need you to listen to me i am a big girl i can fix stuff to} she is lieing she has lied to u before i haven't remember so who are u going to believe i like u 2 much to lie to u you can ask soccergoddess and carsonlover89 that is who i should have talked 2 first and u should have come to me and asked if it were true i really want to talk to u like we used to talk to each other again please message me back
  4. Happy Birthday Mark hope your birthday was freakin awsome man
  5. hey mark what is up hope u are good talk to u later then love ya bye
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