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  1. o phew i wasn't sure if he was or not^_^ cause i was positive he hated me lol
  2. nah u'd be surprised i told him that you would come to our wedding and he is now pleased with u so to speak he's just not home right now he's sleeping over at a friends house and he rearely on ao anymore even when he is home so yah ^^"
  3. i am full of them lately i am oddly happy and i tryed talking to zero i don't think he'll reply as he hates me eerrr
  4. nope it wonts we are the bestieable-ish he he he thats cute lol i like the smililies ^^
  5. woot woot i knows and that will never ever changed
  6. yah and ur very smart it's nice to be able to kno what ur thinking it really helps at sometimes it's hard to tell our thoughts apart tho and it well.... its nice still and it's cool ^^ and yep besties forever
  7. that is true and yes it is a good thing it is what makes us besties after all ^_^
  8. well u kno me the best and yes they are connected ...and is that a good thing to u? ^^
  9. you know i could tell tho who else knows you better then me ^_^ our minds are connected after all so i feel what you feel rather i want to or not
  10. thank you but im still uncertain of it at times... and that's good im glad your happy with her ^^
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