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  1. and congrats on the marriage i hope it is everything and more for you^_^
  2. yeah lol ty and me and cassy it just gets better and better i dunno i feel different in a good way
  3. yah we are still together.... he acctualy purposed to me not to long ago ^^ what about u and cassy? and it was funny i was reading ur pic comments and im in school i turned bright red from blushing it's nice to c u on here again ^^
  4. mere how are you^_^ you and zero holding strong?
  5. hello ^^ im sorry but for some msn wont let me receive messages from u...i dono y tho
  6. yah ..truly.. im glad.. u had fun ..did u do anything exciteing..?
  7. so true hahaha i had a awsome birthday :P it was a real blast
  8. yah but thats not a bad think u they say time flys when ur haveing fun right..?
  9. yeah i know^_^ and ty its very nice of you once a year yet each growing year is faster still
  10. Happy birthday ^^ enjoy ur day and have fun member ur b-day only comes once a year
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