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  1. due to complete by the end of this month and then i hope the airforce
  2. Haha yeah. How's school and all? =]
  3. :P hiyea rave how is you doing? it's been forever sence we talked
  4. i so wish i had listend to you sorry i doupted you and others you and others was right about jamie i mean i even threw away my family for her it sucks.....
  5. you was right she played me and sauske reporter she is a lier and a cheater
  6. Hey, her life ... could be at stake.
  7. try calling her, please? And please show me how far you've gone with the letter.
  8. dunno she vanished i have not seen her in awhile so i'm worried
  9. What the heck is taking her so long anyways?
  10. A day. That's how long it'll take.
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