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  1. Hey. Yep, we done most of the woodworking today, but one of them is too wide even though we measured it properly. -__-;; I think we forgot to like, take into account the thickness of the boards or something, and take it away from the overall width so it'll sit ontop or something. So, tomorrow, I'm heading down to the DIY store and getting myself a goddamn handsaw. And nevermind anyone else - I'll saw the bloody thing myself.

    Want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. >o< -Tightens belt and pulls up pants-
  2. lol well let me know how it goes ^_^ i know the pains of woodwork i had my share of that
  3. Cool cool. ^^ -Shakes hand back-
    S'lovely to meet'cha. x3 I'mma going to be going to bed soon. >o< Up early tomorrow to make sure someone comes in for to do some woodwork round the house. >o< Arrrrg.
  4. as it is i am always glad to have the company when i am on^_^
  5. o my name is mark*shakes your hand* anytime feel free to talk
  6. Hewwo back. xD How are you doing? Thankies for the visit. ^o^
  7. hello person i don't know how are you doing today?
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