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  1. hey thought i'd let you know i will be gone for almost three or four days then i will be back i will send you a little note to let you know when i am
  2. good i'm glad it is good for you hope you don't miind me saying that i'm supried to talk to you it is good but sipurising and i'm glad.
  3. have you been good now that you are back i'm sure everyone is glad that you are.
  4. don't everyone looks really harnd for someone when there gone but they never forget ever.
  5. hello mark i was wondering what is up and what you have been up to i miss you and pray that you are well and safe so if you can call me and let me know i would be turly gaertful i love you babe ttyl cassy.
  6. hey my love what is up? i miss you i hope your ok and safe call me and let me know ok talk to you soon all my love cassy.
  7. hello i got your meassge i worte back but i will be home around maybe 1:50pm or 2:00pm and all night tommrrow ok since i have work in the moring but i hope to speak to you soon love you with all my heart cassy.
  8. thank you and you have me and that will remain forever talk to you soon.
  9. yeah but the stress it still unbearble for me but yes all families fight your right.
  10. yeah i know it is the same way but i past out after dinner and wet to bed i just had a fight with my bother so we were not really on good trems but i think everything shout be ok now hopfuly.
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