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  1. i miss you to where do you spsopse i went when you did not here from me huh lol.
  2. mark i hope everything is ok i miss you very much pease write me or call me ok i'm doing what i alwayls do and it is a lot more dageruos when it is for you and my boyfreind.
  3. hello mark how are you doing? i just was wondering how you are and i got your massge last night,i will be her around seven and eight so you can call around then when it is here ok ttyl cassy.
  4. really? that's weird that sounds like my nusre paictiuoner i have liketese marks olny on my hads and wrists and she has no cule what they are but i'm sorry that this is happenig to you but i'm pearying for you to get better and i beblive your luck is going to chage for the better ok ttyl cassy.
  5. oh no that sounds bad to me are you doing what you can to try and get better? i care about you and your health like all my freinds but i'm perying for you ok tty soon cassy.
  6. hello my freind it is good to see you seem to be getting better how do you feel today?
  7. call my house ok or h*ll i will call you ok thank you for letting me know your ok ttyl cassy.
  8. mark i hope your ok and still breathing call me as soon as you can and let know that you are ok call my land line ok ttys cassy.
  9. thank you so much i'm glad that you turst me i can not tell what is going on right now olny that i did not go to work today
  10. well let me know ok i will be at my mom's house for a few days but my cell will not be with me ok but call me when you can and pealse do not try what you did again... for me ok ttyl cassy.
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