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  1. "mark" look i'm not mad but i'm sacred for you. look sometimes we feel like nothing is wroth while but it is not ture and i will tell my bother you said sorry but i will give you a call or you give me one today ok weneed to talk turst me i'm here to hlep ok ttyl cassy.
  2. I can understand that but you are still the same mark i know and your wings are still healing but you are my freind and i will alwayls be here just in case you did lose a way to cacth me just call today i'm going to be around and near all day and if you wish to call me at work tommrrow then you can i promise ttys cassy.
  3. mark you can tell me everything you know that i am here for you and alwayls will be just don't worry ok ttys cassy.
  4. hello mark how are you is everything ok? just let me know and hope we can talk i know your busy i am to but give me a call as soon as you can ok...... ttyl cassy.
  5. hey my freind how are you? i thught i say hi oh if you get a chance give me a call ok ttyl cassy.
  6. my freind i miss you and hope to hear from you hope you had a good chrsitmas ok ttys cassy.
  7. hi what's up? i miss you how are you ? i was trying to find you, get a hold of you. cassy
  8. it's ok my freind just ask for cassy and you will get me ok ttyl
  9. did she tell you that she asked to be my freind and is being nice to me at all?
  10. hey i do have to go but i'm home all day and night so you can call me later ok heres the number(928)852-0674 ok talk to you soon.
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