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  1. same to you and to our freindship for many years and many great days to come oh have said hello to jamie yet.
  2. so even in the moring to wake you up you drink coffee and talk to me wow that is somthing that a freind i never had would do.
  3. lol that is greart i was wondering if i colud have you in my freinds again it's been a while so i hope you will accept my freind request
  4. that is great but just so you know no matter what you do chage you will alwyls be my freind no matter what.
  5. hey my freind your back that is great so how have you been since the last time you checked in?
  6. hey mark what's up? i really miss you and i hope that we can talk your my best guy freind i have at the moment so i'm at my new home so you can ring me anytime ok later my freind gentle breezess cassy.
  7. hey my freind hope your doing ok i miss you a lot and i hope we can talk soon ok well got to go talk to you later gentle breezess cassy.
  8. dear mark sorry my cell has been messed up since i got it my vioce mail wondn't work ok but a text or a call will i promise will ok talk to you soon cassy.
  9. hi sorry i have not been home i was at my new palce but i her till monday so plese call mark i need to tlak to my good freind ok later cassy.
  10. hey my freind what's up ? hope your ok i miss you a lot so talk to you soon i guess later gentle breezes cassy.
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