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  1. oh i see sorry you feel like that just rest up and drink lots of fuilds ok ttyl lol
  2. hey my freind what's up? just thught i let you know i'm around and talk to you soon ok
  3. i will alwayls be a freind and you are one of them ttyl lol
  4. wow you do that is cool and hey your my freind and you disvre to be
  5. thank you so much my freind and buddy as far as i can tell
  6. i spoke to her was nice and now i just leve it there
  7. yes i know i know that but it takes time for me and i will try to be nice if i can
  8. i can tell but i know that she is jueluos of me but i have no need foe juosely from her but it's like i said i'm removeing my slef from the eqution ok
  9. i acppet your request to be freinds all the way welcome freind
  10. look i'm sorry if i hurt you and her but i got it and the worst part of itas far as you two have to worry you probaly will never here from me again i will not say why but you two are smart i know you can find it out
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