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  1. EXACTLY, I was one of those guys... I worked in croud control also in the masquerade line, and in the registration hall....
  2. awwww...where were you?? One of those that told us to go down the stairs than go back up the escalator to get to the hall? laugh
  3. I wasnt able to go to the artist alley this year. I did some volunteering to get a refund on my pass...
  4. Did you go check out the auction in the artist gallery?? I saw a picture called Sayuri with a girl with an expression like this :3 and the picture says "ahahaha~"

    Just wondering if you knew and can tell me the anime.
  5. shit man, I got there today and they ran out of goodie bags.
  6. No concerts, some industry panels (ADV, Aniplex, Tokyopop), The "Making Anime based Games" panel, "Building the first mecha" panel, ... And mainly the dealers room...
  7. Which events will you be expecting to hit up?
  8. If they keep it in the LA area I will still go for a few more years, but if they move it to San Diego or northern Cali, then Im done with it.
  9. Well depending on how things go, this will probably be my last year. And the president of AX said they won't go back to Anaheim for a long time.
  10. Looks better than last year, at least this time the convention center is big enought to handle a convention this size. But I dont think it will be as good as those in Anaheim...
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