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  1. know what you mean. i have chars on several rpgs right now.
  2. Everything is going great, I'm really enjoying it. It lets me forget about life for a while and it helps me releive my stress. Nya
  3. So, how's everything going for you on the site? Hope you're enjoying it.
  4. Yay!! It's um, The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP) Haha, it's attack of the question marks.
  5. sure i will.which one is it???????????????????????????????????????????????? ????
  6. Nya, will you join my social group? No one has as of yet.
  7. Lol, the classics are good thought, the only two you listed that I am familiar with is Mobile Suit Gundam and Tenchi Muyo. I like Mobile Suit Gundam. Lol, I like the classics as well. My top anime is Wolf's Rain, I hate the way it ended. T^T It made me mad, then sad, then confused, then irritated 'cause it left loose end. Nya, I hate those.
  8. Oh I don't mind at all. My top five would be: 1) Dancougar, it's a giant robot show if you aren't familiar with it, 2) Martian Successor Nadeisco, as above but still VERY different, not as serious as Dancougar, 3) Mobile Suit Gundam (the original), name says it all, 4) Robotech, classic Americanized Anime, 5) Tenchi Muyo. Hmmm, I seem to prefer the Classics don't I?
  9. I'm fairly well, thank you for asking. =3 Nya. I'm sure you fare well? Oh, What is your top most anime? If you do not mind me asking.
  10. I'm doing pretty good. Yourself??????????????????????????????????
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