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  1. hopefully i can find a few good stores to browse around
  2. ... -smile- well that's nice... I hope you have fun.
  3. Of course. On another note, next week, I am going with a friend to Akron (South of Cleveland, Ohio if you didn't know) to visit a friend of hers and to explore some of the shops.
  4. No need to thank me. I care about you and so no need for thanks. ^^ Just make sure you stay healthy
  5. No. Just adjusting to everything right now. My thanks for your conceern, m'lady.
  6. You shouldn't work so hard... Are you getting sick or something?
  7. I'm doing pretty good, my lady. Though I'm constantly tired right now from work. It should get easier in about two weeks when one of the manager's goes on vaca then gets put on days.
  8. HI!!!!!!

    How are you? I miss you? How have you been? Have I mentioned I missed you because I did. ^^
  9. Good. ^^

    You haves to help me.. >< I said i'd join a RPG but i nothing on how to do one. O_O
  10. Well you can strive to get there but what's the point of being there if your too worn out to see or do anything besides sleep?
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