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  1. One can only hope... I just worry about you working yourself too hard..
  2. Hi, How are you? I think everything will work it's self out now so I might have some more free time to talk to you again. I hope that everything at work is okay and that it's not as bad as it was before..
  3. -hug- I'm doing alright. ^^x... Just miss talking to you >< I'm sorry I haven't been able too.
  4. Hey... I'm sorry about not talking to you for a while. I've been kinda busy dealing with some drama.. Anywho.. how are you?
  5. O_o When do you eat?
  6. well, whatever works I guess. ^_^
  7. omg! >< You should go to sleep. Relax.. unwind.. get your energy back for tonight at least.
  8. Hi Hi.... ^^ Your welcome.... How was work?
  9. lol, it's okay. Don't worry about it. I'm doing the same thing. ^^ Talk to you tomorrow. Sleep well.
  10. Aww.. That sounds like fun. ^^ I haven't taken one in years.. -meows softly, climbing on top of your head and going to sleep-
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