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  1. heck ya me too but work seems to have different ideas for me.
  2. I am a night person myself. I believe that mornings are for sleeping.
  3. lol, well heres in hopes no one will whine! I've been good, tired but good. I shouldn't be up this late but I guess I am a gluten for punishment. How about you?
  4. I should have more fun this time. I don't have someone whining because, securitywise, they aren't aloud in a certain restricted area of a top secret military base. [sighs] Any way, how have you been?
  5. Well it sounds interesting. Hope you have fun with it and have fun being the GM.
  6. In my particular campaign, rogue scientists genetically enhanced an already highly enhanced project by introducing certain genes from the: megalodon, star fish, and resurrection lily. In this way, they created the ultimate predator (who later killed them). I have the players try to deal with him(or her, depending upon how I feel when I start the campaign). Someone convinced him to reform the Star League and the players have to figure out whether or not they want to hinder or help him(her).
  7. That sounds interesting. I've never done rpg before, I have only played RPG video games. I am just discovering my inner geek
  8. Initially all of the humans were from Terra (Earth) but they started colonizing space after the third world war. They eventually founded something called the Star League (think UN on an intergalactic scale) which developed the mechs. Then some of the States wanted more power and tore up the Star League. And yup, I'm the GM.
  9. Thats cool. So they are from earth. Are you the...wait...let me guess the gamemaster for the game.
  10. Yeah. I know what you mean about drinking. And the name of the game is Mechwarrior. Something like Robotech but without all of the transformabe mecha and aliens.
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