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  1. feel free to join at anytime....................................
  2. Yeah, i've noticed Fang being in the Chuck Wagon... but i'm planning to let Jax and the 'lich' inside him rest for a while and continue tracking a strange source of energy leading them to that place.
    Mechwarrior thread... sounds very interesting indeed. Maybe i should have a look and see if i can join ^_^
  3. Fang is in the Chuck Wagon now. I'm enjoying your char on the thread. Just to let you know, I started a new rpg thread, mechwarrior meets magic type. Though all Gifted start out with only minor Gifts. My main char in itis an older version of Fang. I used him in a table top version and that is where I got the idea for Fang, initially.
  4. Notsure ifyou noticed yet, but Fang is now in the Chuck Wagon. I'm enjoying your chracter. Oh, I started a mechwarrior rpg thread. It also has a hint of magic in it too.
  5. Fang is a completely new species. He evolves to be able to survive anything. You possibly would have found that out from the Shade.
  6. my character? ... well, it's one i commonly use in text-based RPG's ... yours (Fang) is kinda weird and cool at the same time
  7. i like your character! This is getting interesting......................
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