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  1. reading all the PMs doing a little posting, then going to jump on IM
  2. Hello there. whatcha doing?????????????????????????????
  3. Hello. How was work???????????????????????????????????
  4. there was no one available to help. we were down 4 people
  5. Your right that would suck. did you get any help at all? or did they leave you on your own?
  6. It sucked. There was another pallet in the back that they hadn't told me about till around 3am.
  7. If I didn't I wouldn't ask. I do care you know..................................
  8. Do you really want to know the answer to that question???????????????????????
  9. Hellooooooooooo how was work??????????????????????????
  10. i sent a message to player and she was wondering where it said that the aliens were Evil, dyhm they're attacking the horses
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