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  1. mech jocks do the arena/mech thing. they battle in the huge battlemechs for the thrill of the audience. I fyou get a chance, watch the movie Robot Jocks for an idea.
  2. oh i already made a character i just wanted to become a mech jock
  3. Please make sure and read my reply to your questions on the Mechwarrior OCC thread. I am not in any way trying to discourage you from making a character you're comfortable with.
  4. actually, if you want, your guy can be at the University too. Then you can help Markavius and be able to get some of the cool things that will be coming the way of that group
  5. that will be cool. that will make two Vampire Knights in the area (Allen being the other).
  6. yea that will be fine ill do that then have one of the knights come and train me
  7. I was thinking of having one of the Knights come over and start training your char. If you want of course. Then you'll belong to the Search and Rescue division of the Knights Hospitaler. But that's up to you.
  8. ok i guess ill become good so what do i have to do just give you guys my trust
  9. I was wondering if your char in Journey wanted to become one of the "Good" guys?
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