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  1. I dont think you can with the Panther MII, it's just a ballistic hard point, but you mite be able to with the Star Leage Panther but I am not familer with that one.
  2. Yeah, I have pissed off so many people with that thing, and it's fast. It's also hard to hit because it is so skinny and at range it is even harder to hit. Unfortunetly, if they disable your right arm with the PPC Cap, you are really screwed.
  3. iv been deep into mabinogi lol and all my AO ppl just kinda stoped comming anyway
  4. Panther is a nice mech. In MW4M which takes place 100 years after the peace treaty, the Innere Sphere brought back the Panther, the Panther MII. It is able to carry the most powerfull IS energy weapon, the four slot PPC Capasitor on it's right arm. It has the same range as the standard PPC of 850 meters but its power is 50% greater. Making it hit even harder then the Clans ER PPCs and recharges just as fast, but the heat it puts out is huge. Also the Pather MII carries a Mini gauss rifle on it's left arm. Does just a bit more damage then a Large Laser but has a 1000 meter range. It can also carry missiles and larger ballistics in its chest but those are usaly removed in favor for the PPC Cap, Mini Gauss config with ECM. A great IS light sniper.
  5. K................................................. ........... So watz up?
  6. 33 years before the Clans came? Yeah, I think the Uziel just roaled off the production line. It was one of the meanist 50 ton medium mechs in it's hay day, and is in fact still is. Which is why it has lasted all the way through the first clan invasion, and a 100 years after the peace treaty with the clans and great houses.

    Yeah, the Urben is a light mech, but a nasty one at that, its one of the few mechs of it's class that can carry the LBXAC20 with I think 2 medium lasers if configured in its main roal as a braller. It also has the highest jump jet raiting of any mech in its class. It can also carry a gauss rifle but it would not havy any other weapon then that simply do to weight issuse. Its a nice mech, but I would rather have the Koto or Wolf Hound because they could be equiped with a PPC (Partical Projectile Cannon) and Large Laser for medium to long range, not to mention they are much faster. Unfortunaly they do not have Jump jets.
  7. K, I'll look it up ^^ (short...........................)
  8. The Urben mech... *Thinks for a second*... Isant that the trash can with legs? Thats a light mech, they probebly got him because they thought he was an easier kill. Urbens are not very fast but they are agile as hell. Quick question, is this before or during the clan invasion? Also I just remembered that the Uziel was in fact around before the clan started their assault on the Inner Sphere.
  9. The Uziel? No, thats actually a really old mech. The Templar is relativly new by comparison. It was suppose to be the answer to the Clan medium mechs. The Uziels stock weapons consisted of a Flame thrower for anti-infentry, two IS PPCs for mech to mech battles with Two MGs and a SRM pack as short range back up weapons. For electronics it had Jump jets, BAP, and AMS. Now if you really want a Star Leage mech, the Thug was one of the best assault mechs, with the Raptor and Panther as some of the fastest and hardist hitting light mechs.

    I was refering to the Uziel used in Mech Warrior 4 Mercs in my last message. But the only change from the old to new is that the old one had only 2 missiles slots while the newer one has a 3 slot missile rack. The Super Uziel sniper I made for MW4M game simply switches out its Flame Thrower, SRMs, two MGs, BAP, and down graded engine and all it's heat sinks in order for the mech to carry the light gauss rifle and the ton and a half weight left over for increased armor around the torco and cokpit area.

    But if we are going to start the RPG before the clan invation then I guess I will chouse either the Hunchback or Wolf Hound.
  10. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!... Me likes the Mech Warrior. I will defenetly be apart of that. Which Mech should I pick... The Templar would be a nice choice, with 4 Rotary Auto cannons and 2 Continues beam lasers, but I always loved the Uziel... I will chouse the one where I pissed the most people off in MW4M... The Uziel. Pack 2 PPCs and a light Gauss Rifle and that thing is one mean snipeing machine for a medium mech. Runs hot but very effective. Or the 2 Large Lasers and an Arrow missile launch system with Begal Active Probe... You can tell I have a thing for the Uziel can't you? :P
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