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  1. well very good and busy!! i haven't been here 4 about 6 months!!
  2. Hey! Great seeing you again. How have you been???????????????
  3. And i'm one 2 talk 2! lol i mean i haven't been online for quite a long time now (something about 3 or 4 months ...) anyways guess i'm still alive! hehehe
  4. How's it going? Haven't been on all that much due to the puter being on the fritz thanks to brother going to unprotected sites ALL the time.
  5. Yes ,i won't forgive you!! you confused his highness me!! lol *paranoia anime version!*
  6. I was just wondering what you liked to do is all. The phrasing earlier was really poor. Guess I was trying to do too many things at once.
  7. And especially for the games Warcraft's DOTA ,Heroes of might and magic ,devil may cry ... something like that ... but i don't understand what you mean by what i liked to do about the questions you asked ...
  8. For me: I like prefer in depth plots as far as anime, haven't read much manga though I'm starting to get into Ranma, and I like a lot of RPGs as well as strategy games. One of my favorites is History of Civilation 2 for the PS. And, as you probably guesse, I play a lot of table top RPG. I was just wondering what you liked to do, as for the questions I asked.
  9. for anime anything with a good plot that i get surprised at the way it develops
    for manga ,i have read few but i got to say i like Air Gear's
    games ,a lot and anything related to strategy games and action games ,i'm not that of an RPGer and especially lately when i cam to Malaysia ... lolz that's today's report for you!
  10. What kinds of anime, manga, and or video games do you like? Do you do table top RPGs?
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