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  1. very nicely said for me i just entered the door of 20 .. oh well i have a very long ride to attend to!
  2. I am 35. I live by one simple motto "growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional."
  3. how old are you? i just finished highschool last year but sheesh there are some old people who are really childish ...
  4. I feel for you. I truly do. I have a Bachelor's of Art's and Sciences in General Studies with an emphasis in: Psychology, English, and Cultural Diversity.
  5. lol glad to hear it ,for me there's a long university road ahead ...
  6. I am doing pretty wel thank you very much. I might have a full time job at Wal Mart soon. How are you?
  7. lolz ,right anyways leave all that apart how r u doing?
  8. Yes. And there are many people that forget that Darkness can't exist without light either.
  9. lolz ,very right "light cannot exist without the darkness"
  10. I agree with you full. It's just that someitmes it sucks. But they ARE a necessary "evil" if you will.
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