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  1. lol ,it can't be helped we need those to build a community because if there wasn't an opponent opinion there wouldn't be a friend one ,right?
  2. Oh! There are a lot of Pagans like that too. Many just want to feel like they're going against society by declaring themselves Pagans without understanding the rules for the various religions that have been labelled as such.
  3. no actually there are a lot of those people everywhere even in here ,it's just like the components of life itself of dark and light
  4. I actually think that it's nice that most of you actually follow the beliefs rather than just give lip service like most of the supposed Christians I've met here in Ashtabula.
  5. I don't about these ,in Islam there's one and only one God which is Allah ,he's the creator of everything and anything and we follow Mohammad his sent prophet who brought Islam into this world.
  6. I follow: Brigit (Celtic Goddess of the moon, mental powers, feminity weaponsmithing, gemcrafting and healing), Thunder (Thunderbird (Native American God of War and Good Fortune)), and a Star Dragon. I'm not sure whether you'll believe this or not and I don't know how it squares with Muslim beliefs, but I'm a Dream Warrior.
  7. Wow I see ,everyone has his/her own belief and belief about it. but now thinking about it ,what's your God? (for muslims obviously is Allah)
  8. I am what people call Pagan. I follow the Path of the Dragon.
  9. What religion are you?
  10. Hello there. So you are a Muslim? Cool! I have a great respect for that religion, though it's not my own.
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