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  1. Hey there. Just decided I'd check in and see how you were doing. Just noticed your birth date too. Kind of funny. Mine is the 18th.
  2. Hey! I got that full time job. Guess I'll be doing this for awhile, till the crap hits the fan
  3. that is very good to hear. I am pleased you've found a job. lol yeah but I think it's kinda cruel...I mean I'll eat it if I have too, but I'd rather not...except shushi...shushi's too good to pass up *mmmmmm*
  4. Doing pretty good, thanks. I might have a full time job at Wal Mart. I also should be going fishing soon. Being what I am, I need more meat than vegetables.
  5. *bows head slightly* the is not of issue comrade, you have no need to thank me for anything all I said was what'd be true. and I am well thank you, good sir, I've had it a bit rough but I'm too stubborn to let it effect me too much. and u, good sir, how are thee?
  6. My thanks, m'lady. There are a few people around here starting to wake up to what's going on. Not many, but a few. So, in other news, how are you doing?
  7. that'd be true and I am possitive that ye shall be missed as well. but Merry met and Merry part, 'til Merry met again dear friend. I wish you the best with your upcomings.
  8. I will do my best. Can't make any promises. On the bright side, my matron will just bring me back to one of the planes where I am needed. Though, truthfully, I'd miss all of my friends here.
  9. in the up-coming days I'm afraid that's not all we may lose...I can not share the details but it is a great loss...I'm not even suppose to tell you that. I wish you luck and please try not to die.
  10. I am very afraid that we'll lose many of our combat mages soon, possibly including me.
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