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  1. so how have you been lately???????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????
  2. I understand completely. It's still nice to here from you despite all the alittle annoyances you have to put up with >.<
  3. Not too bad really. And I know wht you mean. I work overnights atWal Mart and manytimes, I'm just too tired when I get home to get on. Plus my Internet and puterhaebeenacting up partiallydue to the preious ownerof thesitehavinggone totonsof sites thatdon't filter. Thatatleastshouldbegettingfixedsometimethis weekend.
  4. hey,
    Sorry I keep disappearing.
    It's hard to get online with work >.<
    I've been pretty good.
    How have you been?
  5. long time no see. have been working overnights so haven't been on as much as i had been and puter keeps going down on me. should have that fixed in about a month. so how have you been doing?
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