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  1. I had heard that they thought they might have, but that was several months ago so they could have confirmed it by then. Btw, my Mother had seen a UFO when she was a kid, so I grew up knowing that they were real. Actually, every once in a while you can see unexplained lights over Lake Erie here. They just don't get reorted is all.
  2. Well most UFOs are baloney... And thats why people like them so much because they like things that tast good... But I few I do believe, and yes political games are rather funny... Oh, did you here that scientist discovered 3 large Earth like planets?
  3. I actually think these games the politicains are playing are kind of humorous, at least as far as UFOs go.
  4. Well they didnt lie as they did release it, so you cant complain to much, just got to know where to look I guess.
  5. I hear that they're starting to release some more info on UFOs. At least to such groups as Sci Fi and the History Channels, where no one really looks for news of such. This way they can say they let it out, but still have only a few people see it.
  6. Alright I guess. Thats great to hear that you are getting payed better at your new job... So anything new game wise that you know of?
  7. How's everythin going with you? I just got an overnight stock job at Wal Mart. Make $8.30/hour which is $1.30 more than I made at my last job.
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