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  1. Well the Word and ComStar have still a lot of the old Star leage tech which is why the comguard can beat the crap out of any one.
  2. When every one is there and out of their mechs, things are going to start getting interesting and some hidden secrets of Star League will be revealed.
  3. Sadly, in the thread, I stated the Clan Mechwarrior's greatest weakness, they focus too much on the enemies right around them. Unless they're aeros, then they're just nuts.
  4. I keep inviting people, just don't know how to get them active.
  5. I wonder if we can some how get other people interested.
  6. yeah. the interestingthing will be what the coon does though.
  7. Thats cool. to the RPG thing for a sec. I don't know how long your charactor has been in the IS so I don't know the exstent of his knolage of Blake tactics but remember that the guy he is facing has a dead man switch so if he dies the mech blows up taking everything and every one around it down as well, and I am sure you know when a mech's core explodes its like a small nuke going off.
  8. interestingly enough. the Blakists don't know it, but one of he "students" at the University works for the Golden Lions of the CC. The Lions are the equivelant of the Yakuza.
  9. Well thats the Word for you. They will target those they consider the most unclean before going after acctual military targets.
  10. Sucks for those guys then. Any way, just to give you a heads up the Blakist mech pilots are wired with dead man switches, so if they die the mech goes boom.
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