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  1. Oh forgot to warn you about Rad (the radioactive racoon). He was an old experiment from Area 51 when the area still belonged to the US. Rad now feeds mainly off of radiation. He can alter the energy he puts out into a variety of uses. He also has the lifespan (and power) of a small star. He has limited intelligence given to him through the experiments and changing and growing over time. He's the only one of his kind anywhere. I don't want anyone thinking they could pla such anastycreature (and I know you don't). He's also not going to be doing much but popping up occasionally andreactingto those around him. Just thought I'd giveyou a heads up. BTW thought I'd rule that the critters Carllyn is interacting with were unharmed while the rest of the beasties were the ones blasted.
  2. I was wondering about that. Markavius is a much older version of Fang from Underworld. The people that made him were trying tocreate the ultimate weapon using the TB project only they forget that predators turn on those torturing them.
  3. And thats what I am doing with these Death Squad units of the Word of Blake. Put your guy in a situation and see where you go with it.
  4. Yeah, I was rather disapointed with the turn out. Half the people who were like yeah sure are not even partisapating.
  5. Definitely not something for players which is why he's an NPC. He does have a lot of weaknesses, they just have to be found.
  6. OH. Would like to note that due to highly advanced training and senses far beyond what a Clan TB normally has, plus a completely organic neauralink unique to him, Markavius is able to destroy just about whatever he wants in a mech. If he so chose, he can hit the pilot without destroying the cockpit. Note that this is a truly unique situation and is only due to the fact of who and what he is.
  7. Yup. Need more players too and to get into certain things I have planned.
  8. Oh I am well aware of that. Everything has to be more indepth.
  9. Wasn't planning on doing it anytime soon, save for random kids that were "changed" due to the Quantum Fields, but even that won't happen till later in the game.
  10. Not untill we really want to send every one's brain into the atmosphere.
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