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  1. ok see ya................................................ ......
  2. lol nah oits cool i have to go any eway i have geometry starting in 5 and i cant be late anyways ill be on tomorrow i am on at thte same time every day well almost the same time
  3. ha thats ok but excuse me i need to go to the restroom
  4. oh i am sorry i thought you said the wondering deamon and vampire clans lol sorry sometime i am a total idiot
  5. what do you mean blair isnt in that group i said.....
  6. oh lol yeah i was second too join and when Blairs not around i am in charge lol
  7. i found you on the dragon clan or shadow clan group cause im in it.
  8. um i am not bad i have been worse ... so i am sorry but i have to ask how did you find my profile like just browsing or looking or what? or did message you first sometimes i forget lol
  9. ha yeah but oh well my name is my profile name and how are you
  10. lol thanks so um hi i am Charleese or Charlee as every one calls me he he i dont have a full body shot on but if i did you would know why people call me that
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