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  1. I guess, so, when does the killing start in the group?
  2. yeah its ok i but future and past wars on it so it goes right
  3. Okay, i just posted my characters on both your groups, i was not sure about the WAR one though, tell me if that is okay.
  4. thats ok me too and if you want ckeck the halo pics i have on my profile
  5. sorry man, i have other things on here to worry about as well, i will make my character and join the group ASAP.
  6. hey you havent joined my super smash bros group yet or made your charater in WAR yet and ill make my metroid chaater
  7. hey join this thread called Dragoons Vs. Zombies a friend made it
  8. hey you can make a metriod group or mario group or kirby group or something like that
  9. No, i was hoping you would make it, i am going to bed man, night.
  10. hey did you make the super smash bros group yet............
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