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  1. i havent yet cause i really dont get it do i just make my own charater
  2. that is okay, i will see if i can get some of my own on there soon. thanks for joining, now we only need two more people.
  3. ok i will and im sorry i cant get the certain pics on now but oh well
  4. hey, could you please join a thread called Star Wars because one of my friends needs three more people to join the RP thread.
  5. Alrighty then, i appreciate you doing this for me and the rest of the group.
  6. ok ill find some pictures of dragons and shadow stuff and other stuff for me
  7. That would be nice yeah, if you want to, the group could use some pictures.
  8. yeah ok well i am just doing nothing here oh should l get new pictures for The Dragon Clan or The Shadow Clan and for myself
  9. I am fine and i am just chilling while i talk to a couple of people.
  10. hey how are you hypie and what are you doing.......
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