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  1. i dont know, i have to check on my computer. i think so..
  2. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yeah i like cheese ummm do you have like group pics like you and another girl
  3. ummmmmmmm...*(thinks)*....... you like cheese??
  4. is there anything else that would you like to know
  5. same here. i'll watch anything with decent artwork.
  6. i like death note, trenity blood, inu yuash, and bleach
  7. cool. i like linkin park too. what other animes do u like?
  8. whatever catches my ear but mostly slipknot, korn, linkin park, and others
  9. well anything..(fav bands Queen, The Cure, Evanescence, Yngwie Malmsteem, etc)
    what about you?
  10. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what is your favorite music genre
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