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  1. Arigatou for wanting to be a tomo garhett. Everyone here know's the Keiman's fave anime- the Lovely Angels/DP and DP Flash. What is your fave anime series and why?

    My answer is simple- it's really the first anime I ever saw outside of the kid ones like Gigantor and AstroBoy. I first saw the gals in the mid 80s on Showtime Beyond. Sadly the only way to catch them now is to buy the videos. Well worth it though. There may be a few places to DL the eppys online. Must ask Wim, Nozmo and King Nozmo for details. I'll find out for ya. Me? I collected ALL the Angel videos on VHS my first year. Good thing too since the earliest Angels work the Original originals- 26 eppys in Japanese audio and English subs never ever dubbed are almost impossible to find and expensive to boot. Mine were $70 on 6 videos but that was years ago and before Ed Sum went outta the picture. He offered many anime and he had connections to Canadian outlets. He retired to Japan which is the only place to find a lot of old time anime including this series.

    A treasure trove on CN's AS tonight from 1 AM to 6 AM ET:
    Code Geass
    Shin Chan
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Death Note
    Ghost in the Shell
    Cowboy Bebop
    Big O
    InuYasha (2 eppys)

    Moribito is gone from tv since it's coming out on home video.

    Sci Fi Channel offers AniMonday from 11 PM to 1 AM ET Mondays with two Gundam Wing eppys followed by an anime film or two.

    Tuesdays and Fridays are Hell Girl nights at 3 AM and 11:30 PM ET respectively on IFC.
    Witchblade on IFC Tuesdays at 3:30 AM ET and sometimes repeated on the weekends but not often.

    Wed/Thurs- No anime
    Friday- See Tuesday above

    Sunday- No Anime

    Pretty poor eh? Arigatou be to Kami for ComcastOnDemand especially Cutting Edge where you can view old and new stuff.

    Big O
    Death Note
    Black Cat
    Naughty Ninjas
    Wedding Peach
    DN Angel
    Burst Angel
    Tsubasa Chronicles
    Scrapped Princess

    There are others and Naruto is under Kids/Cartoon Network/Adventure along with Yu-Gi-Oh and DragonBall. Seek and ye shall find. Paprika ran under Starz/All Movies last month.

    OK here are my blogs and clubs (2) that I maintain and run:'sanimeblog (may have to search for it. Just began blog)

    My fanfictions (Xmas with the DP and Angel Wings) are posted here. My profile here is missing and nobody knows how to retrieve it and the hundred or so pix on it either! (I post here- a lot!) (Good source for monthly tv viewing list and series info for anime) (The 'Bible' for info on anything and everything. Maintained by the users it is edited constantly. I have added several things to it myself. 'If it ain't in wiki it
    just don't exist' is our motto.

    I tried to post a pix here of my Angels but it's a no go. Blast this! I forgot the admins are still in the stone age with imaging copy! Well anyway welcome tomo watashi (good friend) and may Kami (God) bless you. Sayonara for now. Toodles-K&K
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