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  1. Maybe she is busy doing a essay idk ill ask her if she is but idk man so yah its okay tho Doug i dont mind if you ask me or not ill tell you if i want to say or not so no worries man but lets just say that this is a hard one to explain is all

  2. No spusific reason just wondering is all.
    Hey can you see if she is going to get on.
  3. Thanks bro i really hope things are well to thankyou for that but yes mack is okay she is doing fine. we talk everyday so yah she seems fine nothing wrong with her why whats up?

  4. Yah me too I'll be praying for you to get better ok hey mackinze doing ok.
  5. sry bro i have been upset alot so i dont get on much now but i will when things cool down ok. I am alright i think hurting bad but i think ill be alright tho..idk i hope nothing bad happens Hopefully.

  6. Well hey dude glad to hear from jazzy I know I am so were you been dude.
  7. Its fine so were is she at and do you want to talk on the clan.
  8. Not that bro we are fine we are talking all the time we just are so busy talking on yahoo we forget to get on Ao thats all

  9. Hey dude were are you guys I'm waiting to yall are you 2 having a bad day again.
  10. Shes doing good I can only talk to her in the morning.
    Sure you can help I don't care.
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