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  1. im just playing doug and you know it comeon lol its ok man i am father i dont get mad at my children member? well that is not good you better get another way to talk to her k? or you may lose her bro ill help you of you ask for it and belive me i can help you just ask me and ill do it k? so doug how have you been?

    Have you been talking to Neveselocin? well what has she been up to is she okay bro? well idk tho i dont know anything right now...try to help her she is very upset k? thankyou bro later

  2. Dude I was being sarcastic when I said that and I don't know me and her are hardly on at the same time any more so I don't know whats up.
  3. Dang bro you and her act like you 2 are actually married you know....
  4. So what type of discutions do you want to talk about on their.
  5. Hey you coming I'm on the clan waiting and see if you can get hinata so we can all talk.
  6. Well I'm back so you get here and we all can talk with each other since we are the only ones on right now.
  7. well thats great he he he why do you have to go and eat now???????
  8. Sure dude that would be good but I'm about to eat so I'll still be on.
  9. im actually already there man i apologize sry lol he he he want me to get hinata on as well i can do that easily
  10. Well hey lee whats up dude did you finally get on.
    Say do you want to go to the clan and talk.
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