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  1. Well lets just say a whole lot of snow is what did it is all.
  2. oh crap that isnt good what happend for that to occur?
  3. I'm fine dude my power was out till 2 monday is why I haven't been on.
  4. yah doug i did miss ya i havent seen you on in a while whats up how have you been and its ok i will forgive you this once
  5. Well dude how are you did you miss me sorry we haven't talked that much.
  6. okay bro whats up now? im back now so what r u up to?
  7. How did you figure that out thats wierd this is the first I told you about it.
    Ok and bye.
  8. i bet bro i figured that out already but if your having problems about this tell me cause we can work it out he i gotta go ill be on later okay c you
  9. No reason I was just wondering didn't mean to sound suspcius or anything because I like her to.
  10. no but dont worry tho im not gonna do anything to disrupt that. why do you ask and be truthful cause i dont like the way that sounds
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