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  1. i didnt know your user at all but i knew it after i found the display pic and this pic the same lol yah but hey thanks so your not sick anymore Huh? good job im glad for that it probably wasnt any fun for you i bet...well im gona go take a nap now lol i didnt get much sleep was hearing sme weird things and get wierd feelings lol so yah gonna try to sleep it off anyway you take care sweet bye now he he ^^
  2. lol, oh i thought you knew my ao user. XD but good job putting things together =P and nothing much just chilling you?
  3. HA! Found! but seriously what you doing on AO hm? thats not like you and nice tho you got bunches of posts ha ha ha... sorry i just saw you on macks visitor message thing and i remembered your display pic and put 2 and 2 together and found it was you he he aint i good? nah just kiddin lol...but hey whats up?
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