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  1. thanks i do want to talk as soon as possible missed talking ya know its been too long but yah i know that too i have the last message you sent me on myspace and i saved it so that i can run back to your profile and see whats been up but i cant talk to you... well do it as soon as you can k thanks jazzy me misses you
  2. (: lol yeah im still trying but ive been really busy and when im just checking my stuff quickly i always forget you know? but i think i can do that today (: and thanks thats my new myspace pic too
  3. by the way what made you put yourself up as the display pic? you look cute to me lol yep you do
  4. Im so sorry sis i really am and im glad you missed me i missed you as well sis how have you been? if you can please please please add me to myspace again i really wanna talk to you again
  5. -glomps- hella right i missed you (: sorry i didnt get on for a while though... i was grounded o.o
  6. Hey jazzy!!!!! Miss me???? im back now had to go home for awhile unexpectedly lol so how have you been? ive hella missed you
  7. Hey dont even worry about it ok? its alright i dont mind. but please tho me do want to talk soon. I kinda wanted to talk since i may be getting kicked out of my college but hey its alright ill talk to you another time. I knew you still loved me jazzy so dont sweat it and sure i love you too. You know that. You take care have fun be safe and all. and remember... im not old man :P goodbye jazzy see you again =D
  8. no i didnt figure it out yet cuz im a retard minorly. and dont take this the wrong way but im probably not gonna talk to you or like anyone else for a couple days because i want to stay away from technology for a bit and im going to a friends house for a couple days anyway. love you like a brother :] talk to you in a few.
  9. Did you happen to figure it out at all jazzy? well i know i can wait just yah... we havent spoken for a few days and me just want to talk again.
  10. Click the My Account link from their navigation bar.
    Click the Privacy link.
    Click the [View List] link from the Blocked Users section.
    Click the [Unblock User] link next to your display name.

    thats how you do it... please me want to talk asap if thats ok with you?
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