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  1. yea ill try if i can cuz myspace confuses me o.o i hate it >.< lol
  2. i understand full jazzy....think you can do it now? your online in myspace and i think we should talk soon
  3. heyy i never said that i doubted your existence. i believed you but you know anything is possible on the internet. i wont be talking to mere cuz i do believe you but ive been in plenty of situations before where i trusted someone on the internet and they took advantage of the little information that i gave them. i even trusted them when they said they wouldnt but even though i didnt hear there voices i could hear the lie. ill unblock you on myspace and you can add me again and hopefully i can figure out how to unblock you on aim. but seriously i didnt block you on aim and i know britt doesnt know my password for that. im still not gonna trust you very well because of past experiances and hopefully you know what im talking about when i say that. ill try my hardest to trust myself to trust you. but anyway, i started summer vacation yesterday and so far its not going so well because of this problem and a couple other things too so hopefully we can figure this all out quickly
  4. It is understandable. I really do understand what you mean by that. I am 19 years old. never had a sexual contact before. I am a virgin. I am no old man at all. never was and i will be in about 60 years. I dont want to rape anyone the though of raping somone never crossed my mind at all. The aim thing it is in your profile as a contact thing it says jazzyleigh for aim. You seen my pics on myspace. I am not old bastard. But, i would rather you do somthing like this as well then you will know if i am trust worthy or not. I understand everything you are saying. could have pointed that out ya know? I mean seriously im just trying to be your friend. nothing more. If you would like to find the truth why dont you contact Mere here on AO she will tell you everything about me she knows me the most in this world she has seen me and she trusts me with her life. Belive me tho i am no old man. I am male but not old. only 19 sheesh. your the first to ever doubt my existence it kinda hurts but i also understand as well. If you want to try to trust me or belive me so we can be friends again then talk to mere. look at my myspace again. i have pics of myself and also pics of my buddies at the dorm room at the college i am going to i attend Devry unviversity in fremont of california. Belive me jazzy. I am a friend. i wouldnt be trying this damn hard to gain your trust. shit if i have to ill call you and talk to you with my own voice. ill send you a pic of me recent lol. but hey its up to you i want to be friends k. do what you must to trust me. I dont lie i tell the truth. I am sorry if i made you think other wise. that does hurt alot tho...

    btw um when you do feel that i am who i say i am you think we could be friends again on myspace? Or atleast aim? I enjoyed the Instant Messaging we were doing it was fun. but hey thats up to you. only wish i could do more to convince you.
  5. wait... how did you get my AIM? I don't remember ever giving it to you. and i kinda agree with what she did. myspace is a place for people you know. i don't know you. if you were my neighbor or a guy who lived down the street then i would understand but you live in cali. for all i know you could be an old bastard who wants to rape me. i mean, i'm trying to trust you and hope you aren't but it's hard when you don't live close to me and i never knew you before.
  6. But thats not all like... you have me deleted as a friend on myspace and have me blocked as well too. plus i tried to message you over AIM and i was blocked on there almost immediatly too... so your not mad at me or anything? cause that hella hurt... made me really sad that my friend doesnt like me anymore...but it was a misunderstanding right? then think you could unblock me on myspace and add me as a friend again... i wanna talk to you again me miss you...
  7. no i dont know what happened britt probably got on my profile sorry
  8. hey jazzy somthing is wrong why did you delete me on myspace? are you mad at me? imj sorry if i said anything wrong i really am sorry please tell me what i did wrong?
  9. cant we still be best buddies forever anyway? i told ya i would come and hang with ya one of these days ya know. I wanna be best buddies forever tho me like forever things it makes me happy. My new best Buddy is Jazzy BFF'S forever!!!!!
  10. lol yea i hear watch your saying. but thats exactly how i felt about you but it turned out to be the opposite... and yeah i am like you in that case. lol :] and i know were already best buddies. i meant forever you know? lol
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