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  1. LOL yah that is alot of funn lol ha ha ha nah really tho whats up with you are you sugar high or are you just happy? lol you should shake your ass more often ha ha ha :P 14 is a good age it is the age where you are able to be home alone ha ha ha so hyper and happy at the same time im sure you would be badass to kick it with right now huh?
    Hey i have myspace and yahoo and msn if you have any of those then why not send me a message k? i use [email protected] thats my e-mail that is used on all of those and its also myspace ha ha ha i actually am interested in seeing what you look like if you dont mind? lol yah well dont worry about how long a message you write me allright? ill read all of it and message you back and sorry if this is long as well lol anywa take your time lol message me anytime girl im allways one these days if your wanting to talk alright? ha ha :P
  2. x] yea i like shaking my ass its funn! lol so how drunk did you get? was it funn? god i wish i was there i maybe only 13 going on 14 but getting drunk is funn! x] man i have issues but thats funn too wow i say funn a lot and yes i know im spelling funn wrong i like spelling it with two ns x] im really hyper right now so if this is really long sorry lol im listening to my music and talking to my friend brittany and im on my myspace its funn! god i gotta stop saying funn! lol :]
  3. No dont say that i mean come on now i dont think that you that bad your probably good with what you do know now so why not try it but hey shaking your ass is nice huh? =D
    but yah im still kinda buzzed from it now but i am very messed up lol it was too much fun and only slept 3 hours nice amount. lol so whats up with you hm?
  4. i know i wish i could brake dance without breaking my arm cuz im just a dumb clutz like that lol but no i dont brake dance i basically just get out on the dance floor and shake my ass and move my hips. well thats fun wish i could join drinks are awesome x] and birthdays are sweet
  5. well i dont think you are anyway i belive your a good dancer you just may be yet. how you dance? you a break dancer? thats what im wanting to do but i dont have quit enough strenght and may be out of shape for that lol but today i a good day tho it is my b-day and im hella happy now lol
    get to go home soon when i go to a friends and then i go home tomorow with him and we are maybe gonna drink some tonight he said. lol birthdays are allways awesome i think lol. but nice tho your should try out break dancing it is hella fun and reall awesome once you learn how too do it well.
  6. yea the food was really good but i didnt eat much cuz i just wanted to dance lol and yea i guess i would say im a good dancer not in routines or anything but just to have fun id say im a good dancer and i like dancing anyway so i dont care if im a bad dancer or not xD
  7. oh reallky? that sounds like loads of fun i want to do that sometime im not much of a dancer but i sure like to try it anyway no matter how much i dont know i will try anyway but was the dinner good what did you have? and are you a good dancer?
  8. well basically you get dressed up and get on the ship and eat dinner and once everyones done they remove some of the tables so you can dance for 3 hours! =D it was really fun cuz i love dancing
  9. all of that sounds like alot of fun im glad you had fun then because it is nice to get away from school that sounds like it was a good trip tho. i have never been on a dinner cruise before tho what was that like?
  10. umm we went to every war and presidential memorial, went to the white house for like 15 minutes, went to 2 smithsonians, went to the hard rock cafe, went to gettysburg battlefeild on our way back, and went on a dinner cruise which was my favorite part :]
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