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  1. Oh nice! its nice to see you back so what did you do?
  2. well im back =D so thanks i had a good time it was pretty interesting
  3. cool i hope you do have fun tho it will be good for you. well i am guessing you wont get this til you get back so hope you have/had fun and welcome back and if not then have a good trip up there
  4. naw not really i dont like english much and yea im going on a trip to Washington D.C. tomarrow and im really excited :] ty im pretty sure i will have fun ;]
  5. Oh your not doing so good hm? thats not good why are you not doing good in english hm? not like it much and just dont want to do it at all? well dont worry tho you only have another 4 years of english left then your done with it lol ha ha.

    Oh going on a trip huh? thats cool where you gonna go? well you have fun on your trip ok and be safe and all that. but most importantly have fun thats all that matters there lol
  6. eh yea i guess not doing so well in english but pretty good in everything else which is awesome :] but im going on a trip on wednsday so ill be gone till saturday but ill talk to you untill then :]
  7. ha ha ha funny this is good lol sorry i havent said anything for a long time just havent been online for a while now thats all but im back now oh yeah i have to check my clan lol ha ha ha i forgot about it lol. so how have you been? getting past your grade well?
  8. xD yea i guess you got a point lol i probably dont need help xD
  9. Lol your pretty funny Jazzy lol. Idk what you want me to say to you to make it sound dirty lol i really dont know what to seem to be doing fine without my help are you sure you need me to help you be more dirty???? lol.....jk ha ha ha

  10. lol nice :P i love tickle me pink :] but thats ok cuz i was thinking probably the same thing you were when i heard the name of the band xD lol no just say something you want me to make sound dirty and ill do it for ya :P (damn that sounded dirty right there xD)
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