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  1. so you don't mind that i dont have Yachiru up then? i dono y i changed it its been a long time lol but hiiiiisss and im ok for now i hate school but meh not gona wine about it what about u?
  2. Hi Hi XD :P I saw you changed your Pic... its ok tho i mean i like that one better than yachiru but yeah i think it is so much better tho how you doing?
  3. nothing i just got my accounting done that's all so yah im here ^^ i didn't expect to c u on either ... did u sleep in this monring or?
  4. hey i didnt expect to see you til later what are you doing on hm?
  5. ok good luck with ur project kenny ^^ and yah well im doing alright we have a supply in accounting so i thouhgt it would be fun to talk threw the whole thing ^^" and yah i'll have hw but oh wells u kno

  6. Didnt expect you to be on lol. that is funny but for some reason i had a feeling you were on anyway lol. how are you doing at school? well ima head back to class hope to talk to you soon. I have a research project and the team is here so if i dont talk to you or im not on its cause i am doing that anywa bye take care

  7. Hey i am fine lol i am here in the c-lab now just seeing what is going on thats all i am ok still a bit hurt but i am doing ok. anyway i will see you later bye

  8. genma where's u hmm... are u doing alright im worried for u is soemthing wrong... i'll tty when i get home and be safe alright ....

  9. its ok we are talking now thats all that matters and u needed to sleep anyways ^^ ti's alright

    ok it's just hard for me to member her name i was gona do it on the last message just forgot how to spell her name lol

    it's ok tho don't be sad sweetie that's a good thing that u missed means u like to speak to me and care much about me so don't be sad im here now k

    yah i hope u can do that for her im glad she has u to help her out like that

  10. It is tho i missed the time you were gonna be on and i didnt mean to tho lol. It wasnt planned i how it wasnt to much trouble for you i missed talking to you.

    I was planning on it but i couldnt find that one you have tho thats all lol idk lol that one is good i think lol ha ha ha Your Yachiru now so when you write say Yachiru at the end k

    that isnt good tho you getting dizzy i am sry...i am sry again because it made me sad that i missed you and even sadder that you were on and i wasnt...i dont like that

    That is good tho yah i ate as well i wish i didnt eat as much lol anywa She i doing better i think she still needs some time but i think i can help her alot she is my love after all

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