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  1. oh yeah well that is really cute. ive never really seen somone blush before only in anime. but in real life i think it will be cute. im allways willing to help people i just didnt say it right. i meant that it would help to have money cause money is everything nowadays and money will help out even if its a little. i always thought i was greedy. but i learned that i spend nearly all my money for other people and its hard not to. its like second nature to me.
  2. well i blush for many ppl the more i like someone the more i blush he he he.. but yah that sounds great and even if you don't have money you can always find a way to help someone even if it's just a little bit y kno he he he ^^
  3. so i was right huh? hey are we friends yet? i see alot of fun coming. well look you can talk to me about it unless it gets personal. well im glad you try to help people. i would help people to even if there is nothing i can do. if i had all the money in the world i would help people everyday. i would help out god with his chores. so exactly who is it that you blush for? i think its really cute
  4. yes basicaly im really shy even now in person the thing is i also blush alot and yah i do that sometimes but it's more on the line that i would help anyone if i was able
  5. how in a way? u maybe watched over somone helped them if you could. like them very much but you are very shy??? is that what you mean?
  6. yes i agree she's the best ^^ he he he i used to be exactly like her little while ago lol he he
  7. I really like that pic of yours. hinata is my favorite character of all what about you?
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