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  1. it's ok cutie it's not ur fault

    ok but u didn't send me a pic did u and i changed my msn pic already ^^

    yah i kno im sorry i was kinda dizzy and no one was on while i was on so i kinda got board and well yah ^^"

    and im doing fine today lol i ate so im feeling better thankfully and well ok ... i hope shes alright too
  2. Awww did i miss the time you got on? I didnt mean to lol...i was sleeping waiting for you...aww mack im sry i am so sry......this sucks lol...

    Well i guess your right then i am a kenny lol i have an idea k? lol ill send you a pic you should switch to the one i send you lol this is gonna be so cool
    he he he ill be Kenny then lol since it seems that way lol.

    I still wish i would have been on mack when you were it seems i was a bit late i hope your gonna be on later mack we didnt get much time to talk to day and today is our special day it is our day today and we are supposed to be spending it together

    Anyway How are you doing today are you feeling ok? I hope your ok because this isnt hard at all but me and Brother can go for a week without this lol this is easy lol. anywa mack your right tho i am gonna eat tomorow ok i hope you get on later ok i miss ya later i miss jasmine as well...i hope she is ok anyway yah

  3. lol yah but it kinda seems like that doesn't it lol if he wants to find u he can talk to me and i'll kno if he wants me he can speak to u and u decide weather or not im well enough to speak with him it's really cute when u think about it

    lol hi-s lol how are things going with u.. u gona b ok ..?
    good afternoon Brutus ... i still like kenny better
  4. Yah he did mack he truly did it was because we allways know what eachother is doing lol but he said that he was jokig so its ok lol.

    well i hope he gets it then because he needs it i think. I need one as well
    he he he Morning mack
  5. did doug say that me and u were like a married couple?

    no he applied for a job i don't kno if he'll get it or not...... bye .....
  6. You really like talking to me dont you lol yah mack ill be on here no prob lol i dont have school tomorow at all i get that off member i said that my Spring break is only a day lol. Its crap but hey it means i dont have to wake up early in the morning to go to class....unless you want me to get up and talk to you???lol doug is funny did you see he left me a message saying we are just like a married couple lol wow were just really good friends ya know! really good friends better than friends.

    Z got a job huh? bummer that is good but also bad at the same time to...I havent gotten one yet but im planning to get one soon i wanna work at the dorm. anyway i better go i have class still and i need to get back there in.....Oh shoot right now lol gotta go bye Kenzie!

  7. im greatful to hear that ur life is going well v.v" z isn't home yet buts i gots a message from him at school so that was nice... he did eend up applieing for a job like he said i dono im kinda concerned for him at the same time i kno that that's what he has to do kinda thing so i hope he gets the job ^^.... and im sorry for being kinda harsh fisty w/e u know me and sweet can be alot alike sometimes if u kno what i mean i'll tty soon cutie im in entrepreneur so we should still be able to talk in accounting but im not to sure either way tommorow i get off... do u as well..? and if u have class will u still b online?
  8. lol calm down girl just playin lol you know me i like to play with you about him. lol ha ha ha mack you can get pretty mean at times woman lol no worries tho im fine it didnt hurt me at all im just playing with you thats all. But thats good your fighting for whats right mack that is a good thing im proud of you now i must for the things that are right. Starting with my girl i must fight for her and make her happy i hope that i can do this mack i dont feel like losing her not now when we have gone so far i hope this works out for us. Well mack i hope that you and z can do well with your life mine is getting better and things are looking up for me. take care
  9. what im not gona give him shit for it he doesn't even know what he has done and that long without me he's gona start getting angery and fussy so im gona have to watch him for a few hours till he's good again anyways
  10. Im glad that your ok then i really am glad that your okay ^^ what did he say then? do you think he is telling you truth? I hope he is for his sake. lol. he has it coming member what i said tho give him a ton of it. he gave you crap you give him a ton of shit k got me? do it you got this im sure of it
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