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  1. ok im fine im just glad ur alright i have a bunch of hw today and i ggot an e-mail from z it was alright i checked at lunch when i went home and i had one but yah im fine no worries k ^^ and i kno ur well now im greatfll for that it's really nice ^^ byes ttyl when i get home at 2:30
  2. please dont be sad mack its gonna be okay you know that you know its gonna be ok look im ok im fine now im not hurting anymore mack i am alright k? please be ok alright?
  3. he he he awww so cute namaki u have it timed out and everything lol and thank you ^^ im glad ur feeling better and yes i'll still worry very much so... bye and im happy to knoing ur doing well as well
  4. O hey im glad your on now no dont worry it isnt you not one bit you actually make me feel better our doing good not bad so no worries k? well...i cant say that you will still worry anyway..ill tell you when you get back from school in 30 minutes k? see you soon Bye ^^ Im happy now that your okay
  5. how come u feel bad ? is it my fault if so im very sorry ... and yah im doing a bit better still can't talk very well but it doesn't hurt so yah ^^
  6. Wel thats a good thing then im glad your feeling better tho it makes me happy lol. Im waiting. Lol anyway im ok now ill be fine i just didn feel well thats all. I really felt bad tho.
  7. i've been kinda sick but i think im getting a bit better how have u been? it's ok i forgive you. it's ok i hope ur feeling better tho.... and im sorry is that what made u sick u think? and im talking to u now it's funny lol
  8. Hey macky havent left you a message for awhile how have you been huh? Sry about today bad mistake sry lol. I dont know i got really sick and i had to lay down for a bit sry about that. I am very sry. I hope you feel better soon you make me worry when you are sick since im the only one that seems to notice your sick ^^ he he he anyway talk to you later
  9. please work hard u can do well ur a very smart guy... don't worry about talking to me.. i hope im not provideing a distraction for u that wouldn't be to good of me.. if that's so goman goman-ne im very sorry .... and i'lll b home in a little bit just have to walk ks
  10. yah your right about that i can telll this session is gonna i think i may have failed my midterm i belive i didnt know much about it because i didnt quite study but i think it might be ok tho lol. your right it is important you are right...its still not gonna get in the way tho i still wanna talk to you tho i at least have the weekends to talk right? lol...ill c u when you get home ok im here doing math right now lol but i have it done in a bit so its ok lol.
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