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  1. ic well it's better then not being aloud to learn tho... and well it's kinda important that u do this i believe so u can have the job u wanted and such ^^.. and i understand but i'll always be here no matter what
  2. i dont have any at all... feel nah i dont mind really its not a big deal to me lol. i hope your doing ok ya know im worry remember that letter i had to type to the dean? well he accepted it but he thinks i may fail again so he is making me do weekly reports and now i have to go and get my reports signed by both of my teachers lol its not fun at all. lol im gonna try tho i dont want it to get in the way of me talking to you.
  3. and alot of pms well i got a few but not too many he he he but a fair amount what about u?
  4. ha ha ha you dork... how are the things that u checked huh... and u better have ate breakfast.... lol and i'll be home in about an hour so yah it's not that bad is it i hope u had a good morning and that u are doing well... im doing fine Arigato ^^ he he he
  5. Goodmorning lol im just here in the lab with a friend doing out homework lol. do you get a lot of pm's love?
  6. he he he. im on im just checking things out now lol. how are you doing?
    i am ok i guess i have been better lol...(only because your not here)... huh what did you say somthing?
  7. ha ha ha lol yah it dried up surprisingly and it didn't wreck the book i was so pleased with that lol.... yes we sure did as always i believe and alright.... u going back to ur college today? love u bye
  8. spilling coffee on your textbooks? oh im sry about that...yes you did get to speak to me he he he we had a lovely time he he he. it was fun like it allways is lol. hope to see you either later or tomorow bye love you bye
  9. love u to and alright he he he i was waiting and got to speak to u i like talking to u it's cool lol.. and well up to... just school spilling coffee on my textbooks and such lol what about u?
  10. oh ok thats good. so what have you been up to? i will be on all day today ok? um ill wait for u to get out of school til then u
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