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  1. its ok it really is its natural for me to worry about u u know this. he he he..ur still amazing tho that will never
  2. i'll be ok and yah i have been im very sorry about this i hope it doesn't worry u to much
  3. r u sure u have been feeling very wierd lately and it is a little scary..just dont hurt urself ok.
  4. yah i think i'll be alright he he he as i always am huh
  5. its really alright i feel the same as you are you alright?
  6. awwww ur feeling the same as me im very sorry for that i hope ur alright
  7. well i do need more but im not sure your willing to give more but im gonna get u to sooner or later lol. stil tho im feeling the same as u right now...
  8. it still hurts unfortunately... but i think i'll b ok once i stop being dizzy .. and ok i wont take it i just hope it doesn't hurt u to much that's all
  9. lol really? he he he grrr lo yah it does feel good to do it lol he he how is ur head doing? i have one to it hurts..dont take it...
  10. yah i think im quite alright he he he my head still hurts a bit but i'll get over it grrr.. he he he lol i just felt like growling lol it's fun i suppose lol
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