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  1. dont worry about its ok i aready knew that you were not there
  2. yah sure ^^.. sorry about the late reply i was at school when you sent this
  3. im on if u wanna talk but thats ur choice how was school?
  4. k.. found you he he he he ^^..............................
  5. hey ur gonna have to find me im totally lost at it i cant find you for some reason.

    mine is:[email protected] k find me
  6. that is very true and im glad your happy right now im pretty pleased myself he he ^^
  7. but dont worry. this world may quiet down soon. i hoping for that. hey donht worry about amking me happy you already have without knowing. i feel the same way towards you of what ive learned about you but for now all we can do is talk.
  8. he he he yah money and banks and the government are kinda hopeless in this matter.. but there isn't much that can be done about it unfortunately... he he he and awwww mayb you will some day he he he i would like it very much if i could make u happy ^^
  9. yeah it is sad that this world is based on money. do you know why? the government has to print bills, the bank has to pay that money back but everytime the government prints bills the bank has to owe them back with interest! so the banks are in a never ending debt. because the government handles the money and it knows how much money is really out there so fake bills will be destroyed. oh yeah? well its true i havent seen anyone blush. i would love to see you blush. it would make me pretty happy thats for sure
  10. wow.. yah i knew u meant sorry if it seemed otherwise ^^ and your right most things these days are based on money.. it's kinda sad really... and well he he he i blush a lot.. it's kinda uncommon now that i think about it im not surprised u haven't seen anyone blush i think im the only one i've seen that has done so lol
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